How to get in touch with me. Well I’m as reluctant as the next person to give away my address or phone number, yet the law requires me to give them away, well the law can go where no sun is shining. If there is a reason someone needs my address and phone number, feel free to ask, but don’t forget to let me know the reason and if you are an official person send a copy of ID with it.


For anything else you can use the following e-mail addresses.

For general inquiry’ use

For anything related to Waiting in the Wings use

For anything related to the Utopian Saga use

For anything related to my cover art or photos use

By using the appropriate email it makes it easier for me to sort through everything. If you use the general e-mail address I will answer as well, but it will most likely take longer since there is a lot of spam coming through that e-mail as well and if your subject line is sounding like spam I might not even look close at it. Please make clear in the subject line what your email is about. Don’t have phrases in there like:

Hey you, how are you doing?

Want to make some money?


Did you know?

I know it sounds stupid but I have gotten emails with those subjects and shortly after an angry one because I didn’t answer. Well I didn’t even open it because those sound like spam, and I don’t bother reading spam.


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