Why did you publish Waiting in the Wings on April 1st with so many spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes?

Well, to put it boldly, because I was stupid and overconfident. I gave the manuscript to friends and family and got nothing but positive reply, making me cocky and believe that I had archived what should be impossible and overcome my dyslexia completely. I’m sorry for my mistake and I am fixing it, soon Waiting in the Wings will be available again as a professionally edited book, distinguishing itself from the first version with a new cover.


Where do you get your Ideas from?


From everywhere, from real life but also from reading old legends and faerie tales, or TV. Inspiration is everywhere around us, in a soft summer breeze, in the rays of the sun, in the laugh of our children, or the tear we cry when our heart is broken.


How long does it take you to write a book?


It depends on the book, and if you mean the process from first word to publishing or the first draft. I usually write a draft with 70 000 words in about two to three weeks. But from the first world until it gets published it might take as long as half a year and more.

As example I wrote the first draft of Waiting in the Wings in three weeks and it had 50 000 words, when last I got it back from my editor it was up to over 90 000 words and it’s now six months since I typed the first word.


What’s your writing process?


Hmmm.... I don’t think I really have one in general, it depends on what I’m writing. When I wrote Waiting in the Wings it was inspired by the thoughts of “what if?” while waiting for my husband to come out of surgery. When I knew he would be all right I went home and had so many thoughts and emotions and worries, but also so many ideas of what I wish would happen if any of my what if’s had come true, that I simply sat down and wrote.

However, when I wrote my Utopian Saga I started out with writing profiles for each character I had in mind, Then I wrote down a short version of what I thought should happen during the story. After that I sat down and begun to write, From there it grew somehow into a five book series because the story I had in mind didn’t agree with my characters and they simply took over halfway through the first book, deciding for me that there was more to the story and more to tell. Sounds crazy but that’s how it feels to me when out of one simple idea a wealth of them springs forth.


Are Canadian Citizen?


Not yet, but I’m working on it. I hope to be able to take the needed courses soon so I can finally apply. Sadly often my illness prevents me from taking the course since they often are in winter,


Why did you leave Germany in the first place?


There where many reasons, one of them the taxes Germany has on everything and that go off you pay check every month. Then later it was because work with two children was hard to find, But above all, I liked the challenge and the adventure.



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