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Review Waiting in the Wings by the Library Corner at Killarney Guide (Newspaper)

written by Gloria Kinley

 Waiting in the Wings:
A husband who suddenly dies, a lover who regrets, and a stalker who wants to possess. All are linked through one woman, and she has no idea what lays in wait for her. When Sara’s husband dies, 20 years of marriage that made her lose much of her self-respect, her confidence, and her hope of love, are over.
The only reason she hadn’t lost all hope, all confidence, and was able to cling to some of it, was
Benjamin. Her first love, best friend, and the only person she ever trusted enough to share her desires, dreams, and successes with. If only she hadn’t. When Sara tells Benjamin about Henry’s death, she
realizes what she did by being so open. When he offers to come to her, to hold and help her, she panics and cuts all ties with him. Yet while Sara struggles with her freedom, and Benjamin fights for her
heart, another plans to have Sara – to possess her, and to deliver her to God when he is done with her.

Waiting In The Wings, by local writer Nicole Kiefer, delivers a story so unique it will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out more.

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