t took me some time to decide what to call this particular page. It’s a page with links, but not just any links, all links lead to people, and organizations that helped in my endeavors. Yet not all that helped have links, jet are just as important, so I decided to make this my Thank You page, a page of acknowledgment and dedication. Yet my greatest thanks will never have a link, because it goes to you….
To the people who buy and read my books, who buy and use my art and those who write reviews telling others how great they thought my work is.

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Thanks to my family who stood and still stands behind me, helping and being patience when I work on a new project


Thanks goes to the support workers at my distribution websites, who always had an ear and a helping hand when I run into trouble publishing my first book.
Amazone, Kobo, and Smashwords


I also thank the team especially the support team of freehostia who had to fix my mistakes more than once. Without them my website and shop would never work.


Featured at 1888PressRelease.com - Nicoleswordworld
Waiting in the Wings the new Romance novel by Nico...
September, 2015 @ 1888PressRelease.com


Thank you Gloria Kinley from the Library Corner / Lakeland Regional Library


Thank you Lisa, for checking the spelling and grammar in Visitor in my Mind - The Missing Twin a Rant Novel. she is a fellow author and a very good one, her debut novel can be seen and ordered on Amazon

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